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When you want the most comprehensive auto repair services in the Denver area, Next Gen Automotive has you covered. As a full service auto shop, our certified mechanics skillfully handle repairs and maintenance on cars, trucks, and SUVs, ensuring you’re safe and secure on the roads. From simple oil changes to brake replacement, we are your destination for world class auto services in Englewood.

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Professional Auto Accessories Service in Denver

Auto accessories can make your car or truck more comfortable, but if something goes wrong, it can have a negative impact. At Next Gen Automotive, our mechanics can offer seamless auto repair services on all your favorite accessories.

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Need Wheel Alignment in Englewood?

Your alignment is key to driving safely, and if it’s off, you’ll need wheel alignment work as soon as possible. Our techs can make sure everything is right when you bring it in to our shop in Englewood, and all at a fair price point.

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Battery & Brake Replacement Pros

Both the brakes and battery are critical to a safe and functioning vehicle. If yours have seen better days in the Denver area, stop by Next Gen Automotive for battery or brake replacement services.

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Quick Cooling & Radiator Repair in Denver

At Next Gen Automotive, we generally get our customers in and out the same day when it comes to cooling and radiator repair. If your system is blowing lukewarm air or you’ve got a leaky radiator, bring it by our Englewood shop for professional auto repair services as soon as you can.

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Expert Drive Train Repair

The drive train in your car is not a simple mechanism; it interacts with the engine and wheels to thrust your vehicle into motion. If anything is wrong, then you’ve got a serious problem. Our skilled mechanics can happily provide drive train repair to get you back on the Denver roads quickly.

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Englewood’s Electrical Repair Team

Electrical repair can mean many different things depending on your vehicle’s make and model. At Next Gen Automotive, our team in Englewood can quickly diagnose any electrical issues you might be having before safely repairing them.

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Need Engine Repair or Replacement?

Engine wear and tear is inevitable, regardless of how well you take care of your vehicle in Denver. Part of our complete auto repair services is engine repair, should your engine be worth saving. Our techs offer unbiased opinions, and if you need total engine replacement, you can trust the advice you’re getting is sound.

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Exhaust System Repair

Natural corrosion can do a number on your exhaust system in Denver. Next Gen Automotive can provide solutions to your exhaust issues. Keep in mind your exhaust system is important, as it not only controls harmful emissions but aids in the safe operation of your vehicle.

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Quality Heating & AC Repair in Denver

The air conditioning and heating in your car or truck is crucial to comfort. During the summer months, it gets hot in Denver, making AC repair key to making your vehicle easy to drive. We offer AC repair anytime you need it, and if your heater isn’t functioning during the winter, drop your vehicle off at our Englewood shop for timely repairs to your heating system.

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Fast & Effective Oil Change Services

Never overlook the importance of an oil change when it comes to the safe operation of your vehicle. Simply swing by our Englewood shop, and we will perform fast oil changes that will have you in and out in no time.

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Suspension, Struts & Shocks

If you noticed your car or truck is sagging or leaning to one tire when parked, you've probably got problems with your suspension. Clunking sounds can also indicate you have something broken underneath, which could mean busted shocks or bad struts. Luckily, we can easily remedy this as part of our extensive auto repair services.

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Tire & Wheel Work

Balding tires or uneven wheels can be dangerous on the open road. We recommend you bring your car or truck in as soon as you can and replace your tires or fix your wheel wells. In addition, we can offer you wheel realignment to ensure the new tires fit right.

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Time for Transmission Repair?

Deciding on whether your transmission should be repaired or replaced is usually a question of time and money. If our mechanics in Denver deem your transmission repairable, trust that you’re getting a transmission that has been safely fixed for long term use and for significantly cheaper than replacing it entirely.

Premier Auto Shop Reliably Serving the Denver Area

No driver wants to have work done on their vehicle, but knowing where to turn makes matters seamless. At Next Gen Automotive, our experienced mechanics can provide world class auto repair services in Englewood when it’s convenient for you. We can accurately diagnose any issue you’re having with your car, truck, or SUV and offer lasting solutions. From major engine and transmission repairs to routine vehicle maintenance and preventive measures, we get you back on the road safely.

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